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The older we get (gulp! did we just say olderrrrr?! eh…) anyway, the older we get, the more we are seeing the importance of professional family portraits more than ever. You guys!!!! Life goes so fast!! It’s like you blink and all of a sudden you’re in a new stage of life. It’s cray cray! And I guess being a parent ourselves now, it’s much more clear how family photos can be more than a “JC Penny” memory (no offense JC Penny), it’s just that family photos should be an experience. A time to bond as a family, laugh and make memories… because the reality is, you blink and the time has passed you by. (yes, I’m crying thinking about my own kids growing up dang it.)

The Graybill’s certainly made memories during our session, we laughed and talked and got to know one another, and Kev and I left with our love tanks filled up. This family is so special. They’re not only beautiful (CLEARLY!) but they love Jesus dearly. They have a family bond that many families work to create, and the truth is, they’d give God all the glory for it.

The Graybill Family- August 2016

BOOM! Right out the gate… I mean… for photographers who loooooove sunshine and happy people… we love this!graybillfam_0001

Okay, real quick, real quick… these two. YOU GUYS! It was CLEAR how much they loved and adored one another. These are the kinds of relationships we all strive to have. Perfect? I’m absolutely sure it’s not (cause who’s is!?) but the love they have for one another is a clear evidence of Jesus’ love spilling out of them. Such a beautiful picture (no pun intended teehee) of real love. graybillfam_0002graybillfam_0003graybillfam_0004Kristy told me they had a weeping willow in the front yard. She told me it had quite a few dead branches and I was like, “dude, you had me at weeping willow.” I will forever and always shoot at a weeping willow, dead branches and all. Bring me all the weeping willows. {OH! And David… you’re a stud. He’s like, “yep, this is my family.”} LOOOVE IT!graybillfam_0005graybillfam_0007The camera doesn’t lie… just look at these beautiful sisters! Inside and out!graybillfam_0008beautiful AND fun!? love her!graybillfam_0009one really neat thing about photographing at someone’s home is obviously the different locations, loved heading over to the creek… where the nats swarmed us, the skeeters bit the living daylights out of us and we had sweat rolling down our backs. I told you… making memories.graybillfam_0010graybillfam_0011These siblings… they’re so wonderful. Every last one of them.graybillfam_0012and I won’t gush again on these two… even though I have lots of gushing reserve for them! (oh and I’m having total arm envy right now!)graybillfam_0013Kev & I saw this woodline walking to the creek and we both were like, “oh dang. we HAVE to shoot there!”
graybillfam_0014Kev and I feel we have a good balance, for our sessions, between family interaction and timeless poses. Everyone always asks us if we do photos of everyone looking at the camera and the answer is always a resounding, “yes! And we love those photos as much as the interaction photos.” So there ya go, now you don’t have to ask 😉
graybillfam_0015And yet we looooooove when families hang out and enjoy one another as well! graybillfam_0016{{When the kids are grown, it’s you and me babe.}} I LOVE this set because it shows the importance of raising healthy, loving kids and also continuing to foster friendship in your marriage. This set speaks to my heart because I look at Kristy and David and it become reality that one day all their kids will be grown (I’m not rushing it!! Don’t get the wrong idea!) but I imagine Kristy taking David’s hand, just like in this photo, and them continuing the adventure of marriage together. That’s the kind of marriage we work towards.
graybillfam_0017This family makes my heart skip a beat. We are SO thankful for the opportunity to love on them and in return experience the love that overflows from them.

All our love! xoxo!

Kevin and Toni

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