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I don’t even have the words to begin to describe the love and fun of this day! We are SO thankful for the ways that God brings people into our lives. Jake and Emma are two VERY special people and we feel so honored and glad to have been able to play a small part in their day by photographing their wedding!

What stands out more than anything, was the love that was shared on their day. Between them, the way they are friends with one another is so great! No to mention their friends that clearly love and support them. To their families, it was clear there was MUCH love and support for them. What more, as photographers, could you want to photograph in a wedding day than that!?

Their entire day was spent celebrating Jake & Emma, and in our opinion- that’s exactly how it’s supposed to happen.

Cheers you guys- may the celebration continue for many many years!

Mr. & Mrs. Kersey : October 22, 2017

barn_wedding_0001barn_wedding_0037barn_wedding_0002barn_wedding_0003One of our favorite parts of the day was how Emma & Jake’s friends supported them and celebrated with them the entire day!barn_wedding_0004barn_wedding_0005barn_wedding_0006barn_wedding_0007barn_wedding_0008When your girlfriends are the BEST!
barn_wedding_0009barn_wedding_0010barn_wedding_0011barn_wedding_0012barn_wedding_0013barn_wedding_0014barn_wedding_0015barn_wedding_0016barn_wedding_0017barn_wedding_0018barn_wedding_0019First sights always enhance your wedding day! Getting to see one another and spend the day together makes your day so stress free!
barn_wedding_0020barn_wedding_0021barn_wedding_0022Emma- my goodness, you were a STUNNING bride!
barn_wedding_0024And Jake, you’re such a stud! barn_wedding_0025barn_wedding_0026barn_wedding_0027“marry me… today and everyday…”barn_wedding_0028barn_wedding_0029barn_wedding_0030barn_wedding_0031barn_wedding_0032barn_wedding_0033barn_wedding_0034barn_wedding_0035barn_wedding_0036and what’s better than a group hug from your closest pals!?
barn_wedding_0038barn_wedding_0039barn_wedding_0040Emma did a first look with her dad too, and it was a beautiful moment! SUCH a proud papa!
barn_wedding_0041barn_wedding_0042barn_wedding_0043barn_wedding_0044barn_wedding_0045barn_wedding_0046barn_wedding_0047“promise me, you’ll always be… happy by my side.”
barn_wedding_0048barn_wedding_0049barn_wedding_0050barn_wedding_0051barn_wedding_0052you guys are so awesome- that’s all there is to it!barn_wedding_0053barn_wedding_0054barn_wedding_0056barn_wedding_0055barn_wedding_0057By far- some of the most FUN intros to date!
barn_wedding_0058barn_wedding_0059barn_wedding_0060barn_wedding_0061That glitter floor though…barn_wedding_0062barn_wedding_0063barn_wedding_0064barn_wedding_0065baha! LOVE this shot! Emma you’re such a trooper- Jake, you’ve got one heck of a girl!barn_wedding_0066barn_wedding_0067barn_wedding_0068After the toasts and all the fun reception formalities… it was to parrrrtaayyy! And party they did! Such a fun group!!barn_wedding_0069barn_wedding_0070barn_wedding_0071barn_wedding_0072barn_wedding_0073Jake & Emma- your guys’ wedding was truly love filled and such a fun celebration of your love! We wish you both nothing but a love filled, grace centered marriage of happiness and friendship. Cheers to the newlyweds!

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