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Beautiful Loved Filled Engagement Session

Urban Dictionary (my most favorite of all resources) defines AMAZING as: Something that is so wonderful, it is hard to find the words to match. Something that makes your heart beat faster or your heart melt. Something that tops everything else, and always crosses your mind.

That’s how we define these two and their love for one another.

Spend any amount of time with them and you can see their deep love and respect for one another. But I have yet to see a couple who likes to laugh together more than these two. That’s what we love so much about them, their friendship. It’s the real deal, folks.

And we get the privilege to not only call them clients, but real deal friends.

These two are THE PERFECT way to wrap up our photography engagement season (can you believe it’s almost 2019!?). Cause I mean… a: love birds b: beautiful couple c: freaking take me back to fall! (but since that’s not happening, we will stick to love birds and them being so dang good to look at!)

Nathan + Callie Engagement Session

(Side note: when this is the very first photo you take… you just knowwwwwww it’s bound to be perfect session! eeeep!)


This one hits me right in the feels!
Okayyyyy… this one tooo!

You guys are just so stinking adorable together!

PSA: getting your makeup and hair professionally done ONLY makes sense when you’re getting your engagement photos taken. There are only a handful of times that you only get certain photos “once.” Senior, Engagement, Wedding, your kids’ Newborn photos. So why in good heavens name wouldn’t you kick it up a notch!? MoMichelle Makeup Artistry and Lola Hair Artistry killed it! You guys did so great, and I know Callie loooooved being pampered by your team!

Thanks you two for being adorable AND cuddly AND sweet AND my lookout so I didn’t get hit by any oncoming traffic. You two are golden.Callie and Nathan, you two are, well… amazing. It is hard to find the words to just how awesome you guys are! We can’t WAIT for your wedding this summer (and Toni really can’t because boo-hiss to all snow). xoxo! Cheers to you guys!!

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