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Kev and I are breaking up.

Oh good heavens, not like THAT! Shew! We are in this thing for the loooooong HAUL! But read on, it will allllll make sense.

Kev got a new job! He’s no longer a police officer, as some of you have sorta, kiiiiiinda, little bit heard some of the details, but most likely not all of them. No he is not in jail, bahaaha (one of my favorite messages I received by the way) he has just decided to take a different route in life.

I’m telling you what though, his “brothers in blue” have been AMAZING! You know that whole, “we’re family, we have each other’s back” Oh, I couldn’t say enough on that statement. I can’t TELL you the number of brothers who have reached out to support our family. I’m telling you, you really wouldn’t believe it. So while Kev is just so saddened to leave one of the finest establishments he’s ever given his life for, his time, his energy, his first days home with Rosalie, even his leg for a dog bite… we are ready to move forward. Thank you LPD, you’ve propelled our lives forward more than you can EVER know. No really, thank you.

But, moving forward… quickly, here are 5 things you need to know about Kev and I “breaking up”.

  1. We aren’t really breaking up in real life. He’s got too smokin’ hot of a bod for me to ever let that hunk go.
  2. I (Toni) am NOT afraid of failing. Well I am (who isn’t!?), but then after enough time passes I’m just like, “eff it. Do you boo.” I had someone tell me once that by me changing my business so much (hey, life happens… you get postpartum depression so bad you wanna leave your family. I just wanted to take care of myself, my family and not lose my ever loving mind). I digress. They told me I’d lose the trust of my clients. I’ve had others poke fun at me. And to be honest, that has held me down SO FREAKING MUCH. Terrified to make a wrong move. But listen, I’m like the prettiest cockroach you ever did see. I ain’t leavin’, and I’m not afraid to change my business to BETTER serve my clients. So sue me (no, don’t do that.)
  3. If you HAVE followed me through this business journey of mine, I CANNOT thank you enough. I think of you so often. I see your faces in my minds eye, I’ve felt your love and support. And I’m tellin’ ya, for me who has gone through such a hard time emotionally with having babies, (thank GOD that time is over! lol) it really does mean the world to me to have you cheering in my corner! Seriously, you’re THE BEST!
  4. Kev will still shoot every.single.wedding with me, cause he’s da bomb like that! He just will focus on his new job more than the back end of our biz. I’m a total momboss, I got this!
  5. I will eventually be getting a new website, but dang there are A LOT more Toni Price’s out there now than when I first started my business journey. Dang it. For now, it will stay what it is, and I’d love to invite you along on Instagram at @tonipriice (formerly @kevinandtoniprice) and Kev at @kevinpriice.

So it’s not that this is any big deal. I mean, New York just allowed women to abort 9 month olds, THAT is a big deal.

I just wanted to update you, so you’re not confused when all these changes happen, and I wanted to THANK YOU for journeying through life with me! I am SO excited to, in a sense for me, pick up where I left off 5 years ago. Yet, it’s not really picking up is it, life has given me SO MUCH to deepen me, soften me, and help me to become a better version of myself. And I fully intend to step into that instead of running away.

Whatever it is you’re facing, the fears, the “what will people thinks,” I’d encourage you to lean into the “unknown” with me. What an adventure we will have!



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