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Spring Indianapolis Wedding

This day, the wedding day, when all the planning and dreaming comes together into one beautiful orchestrated crescendo.

Kate and Dan are two incredible people. Both pharmacists, their attention to detail while being so dag on friendly, I think, must be in their genetic makeup. They met at a mutual friend’s wedding, and they honored their story, as Kate wore her friend’s veil as her “something borrowed.” You would think after photographing weddings for ten years, these kinds of details would be lost in me, but quite the contrary. These details are the very things that keep me inspired. The couples I meet, and their amazing stories.

I LOVED arriving at Iron Works Hotel where Kate and her bridesmaids were getting ready. The music was bumpin to 90’s hits (yessssss!!), girls were dancing and Vinni (Kate+Dan’s dog) even made a quick appearance to wish Kate well on her big day! Excitement filled the room, and I knew in that moment, that even though there was a 100% chance of rain, the day was going to be absolute perfection. And it was.

They didn’t stop smiling and laughing, cheers-ing and dancing, singing and joking… the ENTIRE.DAY. I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever seen a bride and groom throughly enjoy themselves as much as these two did. And that my friends, tells you exactly how their day went. FULL of love. FULL of smiles. FULL of kisses. Wedding Day bliss!

The blooming trees made the already beautiful St. Paul’s Episcopal Church so stunning!

This is why I love having a family! It’s not perfect, but the love a parent has for their child is just unparalleled.

Dan’s face says it all. A First Look is the perfect way to start the day!

May you laugh your way through life, this way forever!

Okayyyyy… let me step on my momma soap box for one hot minute. Ya’ll, these family photos, are everryyyyyything. Yes, beautiful images of the bride and groom are fun to take, AND yes, they are important (I mean… duh), but shame on us photographers if we ever rush or don’t push into the weight of importance that family photos carry. Family IS the legacy. Maybe it’s because I’m a momma myself, but I will forever and always honor family portrait time.

Plus you get adooooorable photos with the kids too! GAH!

Lilly Lane made this beautiful bouquet!! She did all the floral work actually, and it all turned out so dreamy and beautiful!! LOVED working with Becky, she’s a dream!

This was Kev and I’s first time shooting at Sahm’s Atrium. And this venue is awesome! The industrial feel from the concrete pillars and large metal casing of the windows mixed with the elegance of the lighting and architecture, makes this a memorable and really terrific space for a reception!!

LORD.HAVE.MERCY. That cake tasted just as good as it looks!!! Thank you Simply Perfection Cakes, your name describes you perfectly!

Kate and Dan have GREAT taste in beer (and details!)… that’s reason 293402348209348 why I love them so dang much!

I don’t know what it is about the cake cutting, but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the reception. There is just so much fun and happiness filled into those 5 minutes!

Kate.And.Dan. You two have stolen my heart. I know, I know….. I get cheesy here. I can’t help myself though. It’s crazy how you spend a year or more getting to know a couple and then getting to spend the ENTIRE DAY together on THEIR wedding day, it will straight bond ya! Gosh, we wish you two nothing but the very best this life has to offer. Beer. Bacon. Babies. bahaha!

I just know whatever life throws your way, remember your wedding day. Remember the rain and remember when you’re together, there is NOTHING you two can’t weather together. Cheers to you both! xoxo!


Day of Coordinator: Becky Ruby-Wojtowicz
Hair Artist: Rene Mamot + Lorrie Klain​
Makeup Artist: Stephanie Bennett
Wedding Dress: The Wedding Studio Greenwood​
Tuxes: Formally Modern Tuxedo Indy​
Florals: Lilly Lane​
Cake: Simply Perfection Cakes
DJ: AMS Entertainment
Photography: Toni​ + Kevin

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