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Newfields Indianapolis Wedding

I have been dyyyying to share this wedding with you! And I know Alyssa, Daniel and their family have been patiently waiting as well.

I can’t wait to share with you though, because editing these photos took me RIGHT back to that day! The stunnning details, the laughter shared with their friends, the hugs embraced by their family, and that freaking amazing band- may be we all go back to that night and dance the night away! Amen!

Alyssa and Daniel are two of the sweetest souls you’ll ever meet. Alyssa is filled to the brim with joy! It’s like when she steps into the room, you KNOWWW things are about to get fun! Like real fun!! And Daniel is the ying to her yang. He’s so fun too, but Daniel’s presence alone would bring a peace and comfort to any dag on room he stepped into. He’s chill, he’s so nice, and let’s be honest… that smile is to die for. These two make an incredible team together and I’m so excited for all that life hold for them!

The day started out at the Hyatt Downtown Indy and moved over to Newfields after everyone was looking pristine. To say this day was perfect is an understatement. It was everything every bride and groom could hope for in a day. Laid back. Beautiful. Fun. Love filled! And full of dancing!!

Seriously… so so beautiful!

Remember that smile I was telling you about… yep. There it is!

I often hear from bride and grooms that they are afraid they will lose that “magic” if they see one another before the ceremony. And I always reply with, you may miss out on the most special time of your day if you don’t see one another before hand. To embrace, to take in the presence of the other with no one around vying for you attention… ya… that’s what First Looks are all about!

Nancy’s Bridal Boutique knocked it outta the park with this dress, and Alyssa… girl.friend. That dress was MADE for you!!

Give me all the Dog’s of Honor… always!!

Is it okay as a Wedding Photographer to want to be a stand in bridesmaid? Asking for a friend…

Cause I legit adored them! Such a fun group!!

And just look at these handsome fellas!

Straight out a bridal magazine. Toni Price Publications… comin’ at cha!

Soapbox moment. Maybe it’s because I’m a parent now. Maybe it’s because I’ve been at this for 10 years. But here’s what I know. As a photographer, you aren’t just capturing the day for the bride and groom. THIS moment. THIS RIGHT HERE, is the big kahoona milestone. This day, this is a life.changing.milestone for not just your brides and grooms, but for their parents as well. It’s not always feasible, that is true, but best you can… document for the parents too. This day… I’d argue their hearts could burst more so than the couple getting married. It’s okay if you don’t understand yet, but when you become a parent, I promise… it will all make sense.

Every girl should have a man who looks at them the way Daniel looks at Alyssa!

I seriously couldn’t handle the beauty from this day! Violets Are Blue… incredible work! I’m still swooning over here!

Just keeps getting prettier and prettier!

The perfect summation of their wedding!

This reminds me so much of our sweet sweet sweeeet bride and groom from a few years back, Jake and Emma. That’s actually where we first met Alyssa and Daniel! I’d say it’s safe to say these friends know how to have a good time!

Shew! I always look a hot mess at the end of the day! Proof of a job well done, I guess! haha! Alyssa and Daniel, you two are incredible! So dang sweet. So dang fun! You’re making a difference in the world just by being you, and together you’re going to make the world an even more beautiful place to be! It’s no small feat, finding your best friend and spending your life together, but after seeing that Anniversary Dance, I have no doubt you have everything you need to do just that. Congrats you two and CHEERS to your love!! xoxo!!

Vendor Love:
Dress: Nancy’s Bridal Boutique
Florals: Violets are Blue Floral Design
MUA: Renée Fisher, Makeup Artist
Hair Artist: Dawn Sawyer/ Hair Designer & Makeup Artist
Venue: Newfields
Band: Zanna-doo!
Photography + Videography: Toni + Kevin Price

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