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Newfields Indianapolis Wedding

I have been dyyyying to share this wedding with you! And I know Alyssa, Daniel and their family have been patiently waiting as well.

I can’t wait to share with you though, because editing these photos took me RIGHT back to that day! The stunnning details, the laughter shared with their friends, the hugs embraced by their family, and that freaking amazing band- may be we all go back to that night and dance the night away! Amen!

Alyssa and Daniel are two of the sweetest souls you’ll ever meet. Alyssa is filled to the brim with joy! It’s like when she steps into the room, you KNOWWW things are about to get fun! Like real fun!! And Daniel is the ying to her yang. He’s so fun too, but Daniel’s presence alone would bring a peace and comfort to any dag on room he stepped into. He’s chill, he’s so nice, and let’s be honest… that smile is to die for. These two make an incredible team together and I’m so excited for all that life hold for them!

The day started out at the Hyatt Downtown Indy and moved over to Newfields after everyone was looking pristine. To say this day was perfect is an understatement. It was everything every bride and groom could hope for in a day. Laid back. Beautiful. Fun. Love filled! And full of dancing!!

Seriously… so so beautiful!

Remember that smile I was telling you about… yep. There it is!

I often hear from bride and grooms that they are afraid they will lose that “magic” if they see one another before the ceremony. And I always reply with, you may miss out on the most special time of your day if you don’t see one another before hand. To embrace, to take in the presence of the other with no one around vying for you attention… ya… that’s what First Looks are all about!

Nancy’s Bridal Boutique knocked it outta the park with this dress, and Alyssa… girl.friend. That dress was MADE for you!!

Give me all the Dog’s of Honor… always!!

Is it okay as a Wedding Photographer to want to be a stand in bridesmaid? Asking for a friend…

Cause I legit adored them! Such a fun group!!

And just look at these handsome fellas!

Straight out a bridal magazine. Toni Price Publications… comin’ at cha!

Soapbox moment. Maybe it’s because I’m a parent now. Maybe it’s because I’ve been at this for 10 years. But here’s what I know. As a photographer, you aren’t just capturing the day for the bride and groom. THIS moment. THIS RIGHT HERE, is the big kahoona milestone. This day, this is a life.changing.milestone for not just your brides and grooms, but for their parents as well. It’s not always feasible, that is true, but best you can… document for the parents too. This day… I’d argue their hearts could burst more so than the couple getting married. It’s okay if you don’t understand yet, but when you become a parent, I promise… it will all make sense.

Every girl should have a man who looks at them the way Daniel looks at Alyssa!

I seriously couldn’t handle the beauty from this day! Violets Are Blue… incredible work! I’m still swooning over here!

Just keeps getting prettier and prettier!

The perfect summation of their wedding!

This reminds me so much of our sweet sweet sweeeet bride and groom from a few years back, Jake and Emma. That’s actually where we first met Alyssa and Daniel! I’d say it’s safe to say these friends know how to have a good time!

Shew! I always look a hot mess at the end of the day! Proof of a job well done, I guess! haha! Alyssa and Daniel, you two are incredible! So dang sweet. So dang fun! You’re making a difference in the world just by being you, and together you’re going to make the world an even more beautiful place to be! It’s no small feat, finding your best friend and spending your life together, but after seeing that Anniversary Dance, I have no doubt you have everything you need to do just that. Congrats you two and CHEERS to your love!! xoxo!!

Vendor Love:
Dress: Nancy’s Bridal Boutique
Florals: Violets are Blue Floral Design
MUA: Renée Fisher, Makeup Artist
Hair Artist: Dawn Sawyer/ Hair Designer & Makeup Artist
Venue: Newfields
Band: Zanna-doo!
Photography + Videography: Toni + Kevin Price

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The Most Colorful Vintage Oaks Wedding

Most of us imagine what it will be like seeing our bride our groom for the first time on our wedding day, but image seeing COLOR for the first time on your wedding day! Karli not only gave her promise of love to Ty, she also gave him color-seeing glasses and it was the dang sweetest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Ty kept saying, “WAIT! You guys get to see this everyday!?” I think of that moment often, what I take for granted. But I’ll tell you what I’m not taking for granted, being this amazing couple’s wedding photographer.

Karli and Ty are incredible people, and it was an honor to photograph their day. Full of love. Full of beautiful details. Full of fun. And now, full of color.

Grab those glasses, Ty and I hope these images help you both relive this day over and over again!

Seriously THE BEST!

Karli emailed all of us vendors to let us know she was planning on surprising her groom with EnChroma Color Blind Glasses. It was a beautiful moment, and I seriously cannot WAIT to see the video SeaJay Films captured of this moment!

Want to give your loved one the gift of color!? Head to Enchroma now!!

Tammy McCain from Warners Greenhouse created this one of a kind bouquet for Karli. Stunning. I don’t know how she does it, but Tammy NEVER disappoints. NeverEver. She puts her heart and soul into creating beautiful works of art for your wedding day! So thankful for her!

This! This is my favorite image from the day, I’m a sucker for a good candid! Especially when it shows Karli + Ty’s relationship so well!!

Jenna, Wedding Coordinator from Something Blue Weddings By Jenna was a gem to work with!!

Seriously, you two, you belong in a magazine!

Okayyyyyy, let’s take a minute and talk about this girl gang. I’m not kidding.. I LOVED this group! How fun are they!?

This was my first time shooting at Vintage Oaks Banquet Barn and let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint! Firstly, Haley is the sweetest soul you’ll ever come in contact with. Secondly, this venue is magic! The barn is beautiful, the grounds are so dang pretty and Bea is a doll baby! Bea you may ask!? Who in the world!? Keep scrollin’ to find out!

Only the worlds cuuuuutest miniature Highland heifer!

Here is another reason why Haley is incredible at her job! Ty wanted his dad’s truck at the reception, it was a very important detail to him. Well, with the hussle and bussle of the day, the reception had already started and his dad’s truck hadn’t been pulled up yet. Well, Haley made.it.happen. She also made sure they got outside and Ty got to see his dad’s truck for the first time, in color. Ya’ll… it doesn’t get better than this.

Oh my gosh, excuse me while I go find a frame for this one!

Karli & Ty, you two are incredible humans. And together, you’re going to make the world a better place! Thank you for allowing us into your lives to document your love story. Here’s to you two, and here’s to the best life has to offer you both! CHEERS!

Venue: Vintage Oaks Banquet Barn
Wedding Coordinator: Something Blue Weddings By Jenna
Florals: Tammy McCain
Dress: Ellen’s Bridal & Dress Boutique
Videographer: Sea Jay Films
DJ: Audio Inferno LLC
Hair: Whitney Nicole Zeck
MakeUp: Monika Ness
Color Blind Glasses: EnChroma
Photography: Toni Price

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Grand Lake Colorado Wedding

Ya know, in our day and age when SEO and blah blah blah’s are all important, I have to strategically think of Blog Titles that brides will Google. Which in my creative and completely non-analytical opinion, I don’t like. What I wanted to title this post was: The Happiest Colorado Wedding You Ever Did Saw. But no bride is going to type that into Google. And in my opinion, it’s 2019, Google should knowwwww what brides want. And in my 10 years of business, I’ve learned that brides don’t just want a pretty wedding (I mean, duh, they DOOO) but what they want is their wedding captured uniquely to them. What they want, is their love story told in a beautiful way that represents them. And that’s exactly what I’m all about! 

Which brings me to the point, that THIS WEDDING, was one of the sweetest, happiest Colorado Weddings you ever did saw. (Yes, all the English police, I knowwww it’s not perfectly English corrected… and stuff.)
It was an honor to head to Colorado this past June to photograph Mason + Victoria’s stunningly simplistic (in all the right ways) wedding day. Victoria and Mason were surrounded by their family’s love and support as they exchanged vows with those beautiful Colorado mountains surrounding them. Not everyone gets a chance at a love like this, and I’m so happy Victoria and Mason have one another as they navigate through this crazy ride we call life. And I’m so happy they are both so damn beautiful, really made my job easy! 😉 


Mason + Victoria McCain
Grand Lake Colorado : June 18, 2019



I would like you to find me a more supportive and loving mother than this gem right here. Go head. I’ll wait while you search. Lourdes, through the years I have had a front row seat and I am inspired by your genuine love and care to your family. I adore you, and I aspire to be a mom like I’ve seen you to be. 


I was a ball of mush behind my camera. “Scuse me… anyone bring a kleenex!?”


We got a lot of pretty photos, but this one is my favorite from the day. Pure happiness being in one another’s arms. 

Simply Pretty Artistry, Victoria’s makeup was beautiful! I hiiiighly recommend a professional for makeup on your wedding day!



The morning of, it was raining and to be honest… I wasn’t sure if we’d make it outside. The radar was dark green all around us. But I work with the most amazing clients, and they were like, “well, we will just see what happens.” And I kid you not, there appeared a whole in the green on the radar and it was planning to stop raining. So these young bucks moved their ceremony start time up and badda bing badda boom- outdoor Colorado wedding. 

Sophia was living her best flower girl self, FOR SURE, that day!

Victoria rented an arbor for their ceremony, and I kid you not, it came as a couple of 2×4 nailed together. For $75. I mean… I know everything is more expensive in Colorado, but come one. So Tammy, florist extrodinaire (and Mason’s amazing momma!!) stepped in and saved the day. You guysssss, she forged this greenery and used what she had left from the bouquet and created this stunning backdrop arbor!!! I’m TELLING you, you won’t find two more loving and supportive mommas as Tammy and Lourdes. Talk about a dream team! 

That bouquet though! Tammy, it’s always a dream getting to photograph your work! 

I also got to live out my dream as a florist designer (no seriously, if I didn’t photograph weddings, I’d design florals. I’m not saying I’d be any good, but I’d give it my best shot!) and I should prooooobably clarify that I was Assistant TO the floral designer. I pretty much folded napkins and put the table cloths on. BUT, I got to see the magic unfold as Tammy did her thing. And let me tell you, it’s so inspiring to see someone so creative create such beautiful work!

Wild Horse Catering brought in dinner and pies… and even though that altitude made it hard to eat much of anything, I was able to find some room for that BBQ!

Okay, I know I said earlier that I loved the happiness photo. I take it back (THIS… this is my favorite from the day!) The happiness one is a close second though!

So the next morning, we got up bright and early, really hoping for a sunrise, and we were met with frigid temperatures and wind like nobody’s b’niss. And you know what we did!? We created some really beautiful images! You Colorado photographers don’t know how easy you have it (yes, I’m saying you have it soooo easy. Although, now that I’m a Florida photographer, I kinda do too! I digress.) But us Midwest photographers, I tell ya what, we hustle for the good shots. In Colorado you can close your eyes and take stunning photos. Colorado is truly breathtaking!!

We came down the mountain a bit because of the bitter cold, and found this little gem of a spot. 

You two couldn’t take a bad photo if you TRIED.

If you’re still with me on this blog post (because I couldn’t help but overshare on this one!!) thank you. I hope you saw that while those Colorado backdrops are stunning, it’s the love placed in them that truly make those mountains majestic! Victoria and Mason, I am crazy about you two! Your love, your journey, your friendship… it’s what marriages are made of. And as I quoted Victoria earlier, “not everyone gets a chance at a love like this,” I can’t help but completely agree. 

I wish you two nothing but the BEST of what this life has to offer you. Adventure, laughter… all the good stuff, and a best friend through the tough times. Now go make some babies, we all know they are going to be BEAUTIFUL!! 


Venue: Bar DM Ranch
Mark Up Artist: Simply Pretty Artistry
Florals: Tammy McCain
Wedding Dress: BHLDN
Catering: Wild Horse Catering
Photography: Toni Price Photography


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Dreamy Industrial Garment Factory Wedding

Callie and Nathan’s wedding feels like a dream! Not because we now live in Sarasota, Florida so I’m 1,100 miles away, but because the entire day was pure perfection! Every detail. Every hug. Every tear, all filled with genuine love for the newly Mr. + Mrs. Stoneking!

Nathan and Callie are incredible people, both dedicating their life work to serving others. We legit ADORE these two. Nathan always seeing the very best of Callie and Callie always adoring Nathan (just look at the way they look at one another- swoon worthy!) And together, they make you feel like the most important person they’ve met. They genuinely care about your life, they are the life of the party and we all are the better for knowing them. So what better way than for all their family and friends to come together to celebrate their love. And celebrate they did!

The day started at the salon for the girls, followed by hugs, tears, laughter and anticipation while Callie got ready! All the feels you hope to have on your wedding day! Nathan and his guys filled the space with fun, laughter and kindness. To have a bunch of guys be SO great (well, your mommas raised you right!) The ceremony was beautiful and heartfelt, including Nathan’s dad reading a touching First Anniversary letter. The bridal party was a blast, which created a celebratory reception for sure! And let’s not forget to mention Nathan’s family will out dance anyone. ever.

The day was so much fun, and as always, I hope these images serve as a reminder of the love you have for one another and the love you will always be surrounded by.

Nathan + Callie Stoneking : June 15, 2019

So stunning. Both of you.

Nathan, you handsome devil.

Having a First Look is so special for a couple reasons! 1: You get time, just the two of you, to hold one another and just be present during the hurriedness that comes with a wedding day. And 2: (and my personal favorite reason!) You get to spend the day TOGETHER. Think about it. If you don’t see one another until the ceremony, you only spend the last half of your wedding day together. So First Looks = da bomb.com.

And as if the day couldn’t get anymore meaningful, they went and wrote legit heartfelt letters to one another. Thank goodness my tears don’t get captured, or the photo would have been blurry!

I just loooooooove pretty things!!!! Pretty flowers! Pretty people (inside and out!) Pretty dresses! Pretty light!! I love my job!!!

Just look at this crew! Oh my gosh, we had such a fun day with them!

Callie’s aunt did such a magnificent job on all the florals for the day!!

Now THAT, my friends… is a KISS!

Seriously though!? How.cute.is.every.little.detail!?!?!

And this is one of the women we all have to thank for it! Meet Hannah, Wedding Coordinator extraordinaire (and she can quote The Office better than me- that’s saying something!) I had the pleasure of working with Hannah for the first time during Claire + Kyle’s wedding last May! Hannah is a gem who genuinely cares about your relationship, your wants and your day running perfectly! Two words: HIRE HER.

Let’s all take a moment and take a look at that CAKE!!!! Icing On the Cake, what a beautiful work of art!

So much fun was had by all! The dance floor was packed, drinks were flowing… it was incredible!

And one of my faaaaaavorite details of the day!! Nathan surprised his bride with this vintage Rolls Royce rental from Antique Limousine in Indy! He knew how much planning and care Callie had put into their day, and he wanted a memorable way to top it off! I adore you two as a couple!

Mr. + Mrs. Stoneking, I can’t help but get mushy here. But getting to watch your guys’ relationship blossom through the years has been such a privilege. And to have the honor of documenting such love, well, it’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. You guys are incredible. Your love is genuine, and I sure hope you guys get a wild hair and decide to move to Florida! hahaha! So much love for you guys! ALL our best, ALWAYS.



Wedding Coordinator: Hannah from Design The Day Events
Hair Artist: Sweet Olive Salon
Make Up Artist: ReNeu Beauty
Bridal Gown: One Fine Day Bridal and Gown Boutique
Florals: Wendy Fehr-Deitrick
Videographer: Marshall Movie Maker
Wedding Cake: Icing On the Cake
Full Day Venue: Garment Factory Events
DJ: DJs Direct
Antique Rolls Royce: Antique Limo Rental of Indy
Photography: Toni Price Photography

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Spring Indianapolis Wedding

This day, the wedding day, when all the planning and dreaming comes together into one beautiful orchestrated crescendo.

Kate and Dan are two incredible people. Both pharmacists, their attention to detail while being so dag on friendly, I think, must be in their genetic makeup. They met at a mutual friend’s wedding, and they honored their story, as Kate wore her friend’s veil as her “something borrowed.” You would think after photographing weddings for ten years, these kinds of details would be lost in me, but quite the contrary. These details are the very things that keep me inspired. The couples I meet, and their amazing stories.

I LOVED arriving at Iron Works Hotel where Kate and her bridesmaids were getting ready. The music was bumpin to 90’s hits (yessssss!!), girls were dancing and Vinni (Kate+Dan’s dog) even made a quick appearance to wish Kate well on her big day! Excitement filled the room, and I knew in that moment, that even though there was a 100% chance of rain, the day was going to be absolute perfection. And it was.

They didn’t stop smiling and laughing, cheers-ing and dancing, singing and joking… the ENTIRE.DAY. I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever seen a bride and groom throughly enjoy themselves as much as these two did. And that my friends, tells you exactly how their day went. FULL of love. FULL of smiles. FULL of kisses. Wedding Day bliss!

The blooming trees made the already beautiful St. Paul’s Episcopal Church so stunning!

This is why I love having a family! It’s not perfect, but the love a parent has for their child is just unparalleled.

Dan’s face says it all. A First Look is the perfect way to start the day!

May you laugh your way through life, this way forever!

Okayyyyy… let me step on my momma soap box for one hot minute. Ya’ll, these family photos, are everryyyyyything. Yes, beautiful images of the bride and groom are fun to take, AND yes, they are important (I mean… duh), but shame on us photographers if we ever rush or don’t push into the weight of importance that family photos carry. Family IS the legacy. Maybe it’s because I’m a momma myself, but I will forever and always honor family portrait time.

Plus you get adooooorable photos with the kids too! GAH!

Lilly Lane made this beautiful bouquet!! She did all the floral work actually, and it all turned out so dreamy and beautiful!! LOVED working with Becky, she’s a dream!

This was Kev and I’s first time shooting at Sahm’s Atrium. And this venue is awesome! The industrial feel from the concrete pillars and large metal casing of the windows mixed with the elegance of the lighting and architecture, makes this a memorable and really terrific space for a reception!!

LORD.HAVE.MERCY. That cake tasted just as good as it looks!!! Thank you Simply Perfection Cakes, your name describes you perfectly!

Kate and Dan have GREAT taste in beer (and details!)… that’s reason 293402348209348 why I love them so dang much!

I don’t know what it is about the cake cutting, but it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the reception. There is just so much fun and happiness filled into those 5 minutes!

Kate.And.Dan. You two have stolen my heart. I know, I know….. I get cheesy here. I can’t help myself though. It’s crazy how you spend a year or more getting to know a couple and then getting to spend the ENTIRE DAY together on THEIR wedding day, it will straight bond ya! Gosh, we wish you two nothing but the very best this life has to offer. Beer. Bacon. Babies. bahaha!

I just know whatever life throws your way, remember your wedding day. Remember the rain and remember when you’re together, there is NOTHING you two can’t weather together. Cheers to you both! xoxo!


Day of Coordinator: Becky Ruby-Wojtowicz
Hair Artist: Rene Mamot + Lorrie Klain​
Makeup Artist: Stephanie Bennett
Wedding Dress: The Wedding Studio Greenwood​
Tuxes: Formally Modern Tuxedo Indy​
Florals: Lilly Lane​
Cake: Simply Perfection Cakes
DJ: AMS Entertainment
Photography: Toni​ + Kevin

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