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Sweetest Snowy Engagement

I get asked all the time if pups can accompany you to your engagement session, and my answer is ALWAYS the same… I want, what is going to make YOU happy! Not to mention, doggies are always so dang cuuuute! Give me all the sweet pups!

Speaking of sweet, let me introduce you to one of the sweetest couples, Karli and Ty. I LOVED spending my afternoon with the two of them. Karli is sweet as pie, and to be honest… so is Ty.

Ty, has anyone ever called you, “sweet as pie!?”

I can not WAIT to shoot their wedding in August. I know they looooove the snow, but I will be so happy to be in a summer dress with sun kissed skin. And shooting at Vintage Oaks… eeeep! It’s going to be soooo beautiful! I can’t WAIT!

Karli + Ty Engagement Session

“My sunshine doesn’t come from the skies, it comes from the love that is found in my dog’s eyes.” These pups LOVE them some Karli + Ty, that’s for sure!

I love that you guys met in winter, got engaged one an ice rink and then got your engagement photos with the snow! What a beautiful story your kids will love to hear over and over!

Oh the way he loves her!!

Happiness in one photo.

I love the way he makes you laugh, Karli! All ladies should have a man who knows them so well, they feel free to light up with happiness!

You can see it in their eyes… sweet.as.pie! Love them!

Karli + Ty, you guys are so great individually, but together you’re a picture of what love should be. Fun. Sweet. Kind. You guys are FRIENDS first, laughing together, arms around one another. It’s what I love to photograph, and I’m SO honored you asked me to!


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Kev and I are breaking up.

Oh good heavens, not like THAT! Shew! We are in this thing for the loooooong HAUL! But read on, it will allllll make sense.

Kev got a new job! He’s no longer a police officer, as some of you have sorta, kiiiiiinda, little bit heard some of the details, but most likely not all of them. No he is not in jail, bahaaha (one of my favorite messages I received by the way) he has just decided to take a different route in life.

I’m telling you what though, his “brothers in blue” have been AMAZING! You know that whole, “we’re family, we have each other’s back” Oh, I couldn’t say enough on that statement. I can’t TELL you the number of brothers who have reached out to support our family. I’m telling you, you really wouldn’t believe it. So while Kev is just so saddened to leave one of the finest establishments he’s ever given his life for, his time, his energy, his first days home with Rosalie, even his leg for a dog bite… we are ready to move forward. Thank you LPD, you’ve propelled our lives forward more than you can EVER know. No really, thank you.

But, moving forward… quickly, here are 5 things you need to know about Kev and I “breaking up”.

  1. We aren’t really breaking up in real life. He’s got too smokin’ hot of a bod for me to ever let that hunk go.
  2. I (Toni) am NOT afraid of failing. Well I am (who isn’t!?), but then after enough time passes I’m just like, “eff it. Do you boo.” I had someone tell me once that by me changing my business so much (hey, life happens… you get postpartum depression so bad you wanna leave your family. I just wanted to take care of myself, my family and not lose my ever loving mind). I digress. They told me I’d lose the trust of my clients. I’ve had others poke fun at me. And to be honest, that has held me down SO FREAKING MUCH. Terrified to make a wrong move. But listen, I’m like the prettiest cockroach you ever did see. I ain’t leavin’, and I’m not afraid to change my business to BETTER serve my clients. So sue me (no, don’t do that.)
  3. If you HAVE followed me through this business journey of mine, I CANNOT thank you enough. I think of you so often. I see your faces in my minds eye, I’ve felt your love and support. And I’m tellin’ ya, for me who has gone through such a hard time emotionally with having babies, (thank GOD that time is over! lol) it really does mean the world to me to have you cheering in my corner! Seriously, you’re THE BEST!
  4. Kev will still shoot every.single.wedding with me, cause he’s da bomb like that! He just will focus on his new job more than the back end of our biz. I’m a total momboss, I got this!
  5. I will eventually be getting a new website, but dang there are A LOT more Toni Price’s out there now than when I first started my business journey. Dang it. For now, it will stay what it is, and I’d love to invite you along on Instagram at @tonipriice (formerly @kevinandtoniprice) and Kev at @kevinpriice.

So it’s not that this is any big deal. I mean, New York just allowed women to abort 9 month olds, THAT is a big deal.

I just wanted to update you, so you’re not confused when all these changes happen, and I wanted to THANK YOU for journeying through life with me! I am SO excited to, in a sense for me, pick up where I left off 5 years ago. Yet, it’s not really picking up is it, life has given me SO MUCH to deepen me, soften me, and help me to become a better version of myself. And I fully intend to step into that instead of running away.

Whatever it is you’re facing, the fears, the “what will people thinks,” I’d encourage you to lean into the “unknown” with me. What an adventure we will have!



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Intimate Military Wedding

An Indiana girl and a California boy, and they met on a competitive softball league across the seas. Yet the kicker!? They weren’t even on the same team! He was playing for the men’s league, while she was killin’ it over on the women’s. But they did occasionally practice together and traveled to tournaments across Europe, so there’s that.

Both in the Air Force, Sybyl was a 3 yr. veteran on her team, while John came on as a rookie. Everyone spoke so highly of John, Sybyl had to know more of who this dude was. She took her chances during a Home Run Derby to sneak in beside him, figuring if he wasn’t interested, that’d be that. Well, he stayed, they fell in love and the rest is history folks. How romantic that they grew up across the country, yet met in Germany. When you’re soulmates, God just has a way of bringing you together.

Every love story is unique and Kevin and I are so honored when couples trust us with theirs. We believe in love that expands the oceans, breaks out of the bounds of typical, and changes lives. And that is Sybyl and John’s kind of love.

These two tied the knot, with their families in attendance, while on leave for Christmas. They are both still stationed apart, but will soon start their forever together, hand in hand.

John + Sybyl
December 27, 2019

Sybyl and John rented the Gertrude Shambaugh Room at the Historic Duncan Hall in downtown Lafayette. It was so beautiful!!

Sybyl’s brother, sis-in-law and niece came home from North Carolina for the wedding. Seriously, the sweetest when your family comes to love on you and support you!


The whole crew!

Sybyl killlllliin’ it!

Oh my gosh you two… you’re goals!

Kiiinda like Where’s Waldo, but my own personal spin on things 😉

Sybyl + John, we are so so so so soooooo happy for you two! Thanks for having us along on your special day, it was one of the sweetest weddings we’ve been to, to date! (That’s really saying something!) All our love!

Vendor Team:
Venue: Duncan Hall
Hair Artist: Sydney Wiles
MUA: Artist: Haley Maxwell
Florals: Shelly Wiles
Photography/Videography: Kevin + Toni

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Pretty + Timeless Bel Air Wedding

We believe in genuine connection. We believe in love at first sight. We believe that the love of a bride and groom is one of the most sacred and beautiful relationships you’ll come in contact with. And that is only reason 224982349 why we love Wedding Photography.

Laine + Braydon are two of the sweetest most genuine folks you’ll meet. They are kind to one another, they choose their words lovingly, and the way they look at the other will make the hardest heart swoon.

It was an honor to photograph such love. And we truly hope that one day, when their kids are looking through their wedding album, something will click in their hearts. Their kids will be so enamoured with the kind of love between their parents, it will give them hope and courage to find that same kind of genuine and deep love for themselves.

Laine + Braydon
December 22, 2018

Laine and Shannon’s friendship is evident, and it was such a joy to photograph them while Shannon helped Laine into her dress. One of my favorite parts of the day!

The look on everyone’s face that day when they saw Laine!

I personally love this image on the left, it’s Braydon’s mom helping the ring bearer with his boutonniere.

I bet Kim can remember helping Braydon prepare to be a ringbearer years ago, or on prom night straightening his flowers before he headed out the door. You pretty much blink and they are all grown up.

This is why wedding photography means so much to us, because we know the value of fleeting moments being captured and documented.

GAH! Those First Look Feels!!

As always, Tammy McCain, knocked it outta the park with the florals!
Always a pleasure getting to photograph her work!!

Laine is aaaammaaazing with her nieces and nephews! In fact, Laine, what’s your babysitting rate!?

Oh my good heavens lawdy! That light and these beautiful people!

It’s not a fair match when you’re so smitten with your opponent!

Ya’ll! We’ve said this over and over again, you NEED to book Loaded Transportation for all your Wedding Day Party Bus needs! They are so fun, so helpful AND they have a rockin’ sound system!

Loved seeing Brittney + Cale coming down those stairs.
Had a flashback to when we photographed THEIR wedding day!

Gary, you didn’t leave a dry eye in the place with that lovely speech.

There isn’t a more accurate depiction of the timeline of life with our brides and grooms… bahaha! First you’re dancing on your wedding night, then a few years later you find your kids half asleep on the dance floor. LOVE IT!

These two… we could have hung out with them all night!!

Buuuut… looks like Gary here had that covered.

Laine and Braydon, we are so so so so soooooo happy you two! It was an honor to photograph your Wedding Day. You two are such a bright spot in the lives of SO MANY, and now we have joined that list for sure! We wish you both years upon years of happiness and joy! All our love!

Kevin + Toni

Dress: Nancy’s Bridal Boutique
Hair + MUA: Hope Toyra
Florals: Tammy McCain
Party Bus: Loaded Transportation
Reception Venue: Bel Air Events
Cake + Desserts: Pat Duff Catering
Videography: Whitney Younge
Photography + Videography: Kevin + Toni

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Beautiful Loved Filled Engagement Session

Urban Dictionary (my most favorite of all resources) defines AMAZING as: Something that is so wonderful, it is hard to find the words to match. Something that makes your heart beat faster or your heart melt. Something that tops everything else, and always crosses your mind.

That’s how we define these two and their love for one another.

Spend any amount of time with them and you can see their deep love and respect for one another. But I have yet to see a couple who likes to laugh together more than these two. That’s what we love so much about them, their friendship. It’s the real deal, folks.

And we get the privilege to not only call them clients, but real deal friends.

These two are THE PERFECT way to wrap up our photography engagement season (can you believe it’s almost 2019!?). Cause I mean… a: love birds b: beautiful couple c: freaking take me back to fall! (but since that’s not happening, we will stick to love birds and them being so dang good to look at!)

Nathan + Callie Engagement Session

(Side note: when this is the very first photo you take… you just knowwwwwww it’s bound to be perfect session! eeeep!)


This one hits me right in the feels!
Okayyyyy… this one tooo!

You guys are just so stinking adorable together!

PSA: getting your makeup and hair professionally done ONLY makes sense when you’re getting your engagement photos taken. There are only a handful of times that you only get certain photos “once.” Senior, Engagement, Wedding, your kids’ Newborn photos. So why in good heavens name wouldn’t you kick it up a notch!? MoMichelle Makeup Artistry and Lola Hair Artistry killed it! You guys did so great, and I know Callie loooooved being pampered by your team!

Thanks you two for being adorable AND cuddly AND sweet AND my lookout so I didn’t get hit by any oncoming traffic. You two are golden.Callie and Nathan, you two are, well… amazing. It is hard to find the words to just how awesome you guys are! We can’t WAIT for your wedding this summer (and Toni really can’t because boo-hiss to all snow). xoxo! Cheers to you guys!!

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