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Puppy Love at Fort Harrison State Park

Kev tells me my blog titles are awful for SEO purposes. Because who searches google for, “Puppy Love at Fort Harrison State Park!?” It’s true, I have zero ideas (and zero… you get the idea) about SEO, but what I DO know is love and friendship. And THAT is what these two have.

When I met Kate and Dan for their session I didn’t waste any time, I went straight in for a hug!  Because I knew. “These are our people.”

These two are so FUN, so sweet, so kind, so loving, so genuine… well, they made my job easy. I basically had to say, “you do you, boo” and every pose they did perfectly. We don’t photograph pinterest poses, what we do is photograph genuine people, genuinely. (and with lots of cuddles!) And these two love birds took it next level with their authenticity. These are the clients we build our business on, beautiful people with beautiful souls (with cute puppies like Vinnie!)

Kate + Dan Engagement at Fort Harrison State Park

Kate, that’s why everyone loves you so much! That lighthearted laughter of yoursssss!! I could bottle that up and listen to it when I’m having a bad day and I’d perk RIGHT up!They brought along, Vinnie and man I’m SO glad they did!

Kate’s grandma made all the grandkids a homemade quilt when they graduated high school. This quilt has seen a lot of Kate’s life, so it was only fitting to snuggle up with her fiance in it, to document the BEST of what’s to come for Kate and this blanket. 

Happiness and love… take that SEO titles!

I think this is my fave portrait of the three of them!Look at that wittle faaaaace!! So stinking cute!Kate and Dan, we seriously CANNOT WAIT for your wedding this spring! It will be here before we know it! Until then, we hope you enjoy your engagement filled with hot cocoa, Christmas lights and (fingers crossed) lots and lots of SNOW!

Cheers to you guys! (and cheers to you too, Vinnie!)


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Beautiful Anderson, IN Wedding

A beautiful day. A beautiful bridal party. A beautiful family. But mostly, a beautiful couple. Inside and out.

We met Carly at previous weddings throughout the years because she is an amazing hair stylist. I always thought so highly of her when I would see her at these different weddings. Isn’t it crazy how you can leave an impression on someone just through an interaction!? So it was such an honor to be asked to photograph Kip and Carly’s Wedding Day!

Kip and Carly, you two are amazing. You’re sweet, you’re caring, you’re genuine. You’re funny and you’re kind. Our hearts couldn’t be happier for you two! And obviously neither could your friends and family’s. The love and support that surrounded you two was so beautiful. It’s one of our favorite things to see, those that love you coming together to support you. Humanity at it’s finest.

Kip + Carly
October 13, 2018

LOVE all these sparkly details!

Carlyyyyyy, you’re so dang beautiful!!!

Oh that big beautiful bouquet!! Gimme gimme!!

Look how beautiful this bridal party is, every.single.one of them!!

Now that’s a good doggie! Good job, Max!

Carly told us her sister-in-law hand wrote the entire seating chart. GUUUURLfrand! I’m always amazed at beautiful penmanship! Great job!!

Remember when I said Kip and Carly have friends and family that adore them! Here’s just a snippet of the proof. SO MANY KIND WORDS were shared about them. You guys, we get to work with some of the most amazing people, we will never take that for granted!

Mr. and Mrs. Castor, you two are what our business thrives in. Photographing genuine, wonderful, in love couples who are world changers by their kindness. Thank you guys for asking us to photograph your day! We are so incredibly happy for you and the beautiful days ahead for you guys as the new Mr. + Mrs!


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Brittney and KaRan’s Happy + Sparkly Wedding Day

It’s such a special thing when you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Your best friend. Your other half.

Brittney and KaRan are just that, they have found their person.

From the very first time we met, it was obvious how they brought out the best in one another. Brittney is an unwavering rock of faithful love. I mean, I could FEEL her love for KaRan. I could visibly see how she adores him. She is exactly the beautiful, kind hearted, loving woman you’d hope your son would marry. And KaRan is a ball of joy. His smile can light up the entire room. KaRan is the type of guy that walks in, and you inwardly remember life is a gift and you just want to laugh your way through it. What a STRONG and beautiful couple these two are.

Well, we couldn’t be happier they have one another to go through life with. If we all had a Brittney or a KaRan in our lives, we are blessed people.

Brittney + Karan
October 6, 2018

Alllll the bling. Like a girl’s dream come true.

KaRan’s style was on point for sure!

Brittney, your raw beauty is simply stunning.

Pure happiness.

“Walking through life with you, is exactly where I want to be.”

The.Cutest.“Aint no party like a Malone Party, cause the Malone Party don’t stop”

Brittney and Karan, thank you both so much for being outstanding people. The world is a better place with you two together. All our love and of course, CHEERS to you!


Venue: Ceremony: Mt . Pisgah Church Reception: Celebrations Banquet and Conference Facility
Florals: Bowden Flowers
Makeup Artist: Kaelyn Crawford
Hair Artist: Kaelyn Crawford
Wedding Dress: Unique Boutique and Bridal
Tuxes: Louie’s tux shop
Cake Artist: Indulgence Bakery
DJ: Extreme Sounds Mobile DJ
Videographer: Ahmad Mckinnie
Photographers: Kevin and Toni

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Stunning Small Town Wedding

There’s not much better than growing up in a small town, where literally everyone knows your name. Isn’t that a song!?

There was more support and love packed into the cutest little church, for Hannah and Shon, than those big city slicker shin-digs. They have sooooo much, so much, so much… sooo much, so much, so much… so much, so much, so much… to be thankful for. Clearly I’ve been listening to my kids’ sunday school music while I’ve been editing.

But in all seriousness, Hannah and Shon had one of the most beautiful wedding days, filled to the brim with friends and family surrounding them as they exchanged their vows and spent the evening dancing away.

It was an honor to photograph their wedding day, and their love for one another. To see how excited their families were to be united together, just made my heart burst! There is happiness on a wedding day, and then there is Hannah and Shon’s wedding day.

“You got me sprung and I don’t care who sees
‘Cause, baby, you got me, you got me so crazy, baaaaaby.”

You’re welcome for that lyrical intro.

Hannah + Shon
September 29, 2018

These details though!!!

Nikki from Real Media Productions (the awesome videographer) came up with the idea to hang the dress here! And I LOOOVED it! Teamwork makes the dream work, people!

Two beauties!

That’s a gooooood lookin’ group of fellas, right there!
Side note: this was my best friend’s church growing up. We all lived in Flora, and this is where her momma was the pastor. How fun is that!? So we got to photograph two AMAZING people AND I got to photograph at my best friend’s church?! (As my kids would say, “Best.Day.EVERRRR.”) I’m a saaaaappy person, to my core! I just can’t help myself…

THIS is my favorite. I watched Shon the entire time while Hannah’s dad still had her in his arms, and Shon didn’t break his gaze once. He LOVES and ADORES Hannah, and man does it show. I love how you two love the other, it’s so beautiful and encouraging! 

Oh stop, Flora, with all your cutenessssss!

I’ve mentioned it on my Instagram before, but we don’t shoot weddings JUST for the bride and groom, no… your  Wedding Day is a FAMILY affair. And we treat it as such!

You two are so sweet together, one of my favorite things about you guys!

I’m thinking I might blow this up and hang it on MY wall!

What I wouldn’t do for one of those blueberry donuts right now….

Somebody get this kid a stage!!

Hannah and Shon, you two are so awesome! Who you are, who you are together! We just KNEW your day was going to be filled with love and family and those supporting you two. It was nothing short of a modern day fairytale. And we are so grateful to have played a role in that. All our love and ALWAYS… CHEERS to you two!!


Venue: First Christian Church and Wabash & Erie Canal
Florals: Sharon Russel
Makeup Artist: Leann Turrill
Hair Artist: Designing Edge
Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal
Tuxes: Macy’s
Caterer: Custom Select 
DJ: WSL dj’s
Videographer: Real Media & Productions
Photographers: Kevin and Toni

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Love And Fireworks

The only thing better than a wedding day filled with love, is a wedding day filled with love AND fireworks AND sparklers AND sunshine AND adorable kids AND a rockin’ party bus! Katelyn and Marc’s day had.it.alllllllll!! When I saw Katelyn’s dress my jaw hit the floor. And we had a sweet bystander as Katelyn got into her dress.You guys. For as long as I live, this moment will be one of my FAVORITES. Everyone always swoons over the father/daughter combo (and I do appreciate a heart swelling daddy/daughter moment) but the mommas. THE MOMMAS. Their entire heart and soul just got dressed into a wedding dress. These mommas deserve a special moment with their sweet daughters. Oh Katelyn, you’re stunning, girl! STUNNING!This was our first time shooting at THE BARN. It was really beautiful!Oh those First Look feels.Brides get to wear their favorite accessories on their big day… we LOVED that Katelyn agreed for Marc to wear his!
I legit NEED that wedding dress in my closet.
Two things here. 1: Let’s just take a minute and appreciate this ADORABLE grandma. I mean, I just met her, but I wanted a hug from her. And secondly: look at this adorable family right here!! This is The Barn’s property as well! So pretty!!
Give me allll the cute ring bearers and flower girls! I’m a sap for ’em!
There were so many things I loved about this day, but allllll the hugs! And I’m a hugger… but I think Marc and Katelyn have me beat! So much love filled this day.
Katelyn purchased her bouquet off Etsy! It’s a wooden bouquet so she can keep it forever!!!! I’m going to be the one to say it…. I LOOOOOOOVE baby’s breath! It’s one of my most favorite accents on a wedding day. You don’t see it much anymore, but those cute little cotton ball flowers have my heart.This reception was so fun because there was such a mix of dancing, outdoor games, and hanging out!By.Far. One of the funniest garter toss catches to date….Picture.Perfect.I’m convinced every wedding NEEDS fireworks. Like I need Katelyn’s dress… all weddings need fireworks.LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEMMMMMM!And the BEST Party Bus there is! Hands down.
And yes, I will ALWAYS dance a little jig down the isle of the party bus.
Katelyn + Marc, thank you guys soooooo much for asking us to photograph your amazing day! You guys are so great together. You bring out the best in one another and that’s what it’s all about! Cheers to you two!!

Vendor Team

Venue: The Barn
Florals: McKinney’s Flowers
Bridal Bouquet: Wooden flowers off Etsy
Hair Artist: Stephanie Sager
Wedding Dress: Haley Paige (Designer) Marie Gabriel (Bridal store)
Suits: Men’s Wearhouse
Caterer Brown’s Superior
Booze: 350 Liquors
Transportation: Loaded Transportation
Videographers: Unique Heart Productions
Photographers: Kevin + Toni Price


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